Alexander’s Aesthetics carries only the most tried-and-true products. Whether you’re in search of skincare products to meet your clients unique needs or supplies to make your work more efficient, we’ll make your purchase worthwhile.

Learning for all levels of accessibility

We make a high standard of learning accessible to aestheticians striving for excellence. Education is accessible with intimate, hands-on learning opportunities, live online classes, on-demand classes, and free resources from ourselves and our trusted partner institutions.

About Alexander's Aesthetics

“Skin care should not be thought of as a luxury, but as a necessity in our daily lives.”

Alexander’s Aesthetics was founded in 1980 by our ancestor Alexander Desy, who had a striking passion for skincare. Alex was frustrated at the amount of time it took to shop for aesthetic products and education. He felt it got in the way of the most passionate parts of skin care.

To resolve this issue, Alex opened Alexander’s Aesthetics, a one-stop shop providing reliable products and educational services to aestheticians.